The Gaming Community’s Chat Platform

Guilded is an app that can provide extra support for a party or guild, and committed gamers who want to maximise their performance will find it useful in staying organised and communicating their plans and goals. Despite the fact that other apps provide identical capabilities, Guilded appears to provide a higher level of gaming community support.

Apps for social media

While social media apps have become major business in recent years, gaming communities have grown at a rapid pace during the same time period. As a result, any service or software that focuses particularly on both gaming and a support group will be a compelling proposition. However, given that many guilds are likely already highly invested in Discord, a service like this will face stiff competition.

What Guilded Is & How It Works

Every user has a customisable profile that includes more than simply a username and a photo. The user’s profile includes the user’s servers and games, as well as displaying the player’s username in a certain video game, which can be useful for friends keeping track of each other’s game nicknames. For individual games, users can link a network account, such as an Xbox Live or PSN account, to their profile. There’s also an option for adding media, which allows users to display memes, witty remarks, and various accomplishments. Users may also leave status updates by putting messages in their feed, and others can respond to those posts, giving the app the sense of a forum and social network hybrid.

Other features include the ability to flag servers as favourites and the ability to make messages to the entire guild about upcoming events or playtime. The latter is useful if a streamer is using Guilded to communicate with their audience. There’s also a forum option, which appears to be a good area for server users to talk about general issues, though the server can also host a conventional text-based chat with polls and forms. Finally, you have the option of participating in audio dialogues to converse during a game or simply for fun.

There are currently a few faults and issues in the programme that prohibit it from reaching its full potential. One issue, for example, made it difficult to add games to a personal server, while other reviewers pointed out additional flaws. Recent work, on the other hand, reveals that developers are constantly addressing and fixing mistakes, which is a good indicator. Overall, the software provides a dynamic experience that serious gamers and guilds may find valuable.