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Happy Holidays, everyone!
Things are coming along nicely. Still slow though.
I've contacted the guys over at to ask if I can use some of their images in Devana 2 and they were ok with it, being open source and all.

So, without any further delay, here are the units for Devana 2.


The last 6 units are mercenary units, so they'll only require gold to be trained. The other units will require resources and items, just like in the previous version of the game.

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  1. Nice, it looks very great :)

  2. Look, can you help me installing devana 1.6.6, images are not working

  3. so…when you will release the new version of Devana ?

  4. Have a nice Christmas.

    I hope to see a alpha version soon.

  5. Hey dev, still remember me ? 😛 good news to know devana isn’t dead. Keep up!

  6. Great news!

  7. ahhh, finally,., hi dev, let’s see your Devana, :)
    perhaps, after viewing that, you will get a new inspiration :)
    by the way, do you continue construct Devana 2.0? 😮

    #hi putu yoga, orang indonesia kan? :)

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