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status update

The game is still in the works.
A few things had to be addressed; that's what's been causing the delay of beta 1.

Some code refactoring has been done to further improve the integrity of each database transaction.
A new system has been put in place to ban ips and emails.
Message bans will also be implemented to disable communication with certain users.
When destroying modules, units or components you get their requirements refunded as well as a percentage of the resource cost. This will allow for advanced recycling options within the game.
Some bugs regarding upkeep and storage have been fixed.

Also, the combat system will be tied to the alliance system so that two players cannot attack each other unless they are part of an alliance with which you are at war.
Pacts will be made between alliances so that players in your alliance cannot attack the players in an alliance with whom you are at peace.
A war pact will mean that you can attack any player from that alliance but you cannot trade with them.

More to come soon.

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  1. Ok, Thanks a lot Andreï (can I call you by your name? :p)

    It’s already great to have some news, I’m so happy to see the game is still in the works !!

    Thanks again for your job and good luck for the continuation =)

    Looking forward to more news!!


    • I’m happy you like it and yes, everyone can call me by my real name.
      Also, sorry once more for the delays. I want this to be perfect (for my standards at least) so that’s why I’m taking my time with it.

      Once the betas will be out I’d love it if you guys could download and test it and report any bugs that you find.


  2. We absolutely can’t blame you to want make this perfect ^^.

    Of course, guys like me who follow your work, we are here for that two : give you feedbacks.

    You can be certain that I will test it on all the points I can, and give to you the reports on bugs or incomprehension.

    Kindest regards

  3. All the best.
    I think it’s great.

  4. Great work! Also in devanna 1.6.6 when i try to select reports it just kicks me out to a login page any help?

  5. Hey,
    What’s new? Develop progress for the Beta? =)

  6. I’m actually hoping you’ll get a forum again at some point, and hopefully something better than phpbb, it was a good way for communication and it had a friendly community, even moderated it a while for you if you can remember.
    Still following the project and am looking forward to it ^^.
    Keep up the work.

    • I agree. A forum will be nice, but it’s really hard to moderate and there’s always the issue of spam.
      Recently the blog here has started getting spam through although I use the wordpress akismet anti-spam feature. It’s great, but there are always some messages that get through.

  7. Just stumbled across this project whilel searching for a relieable browser game script. And must say: im very impressed. Keep up the good work this looks/sounds/feels really good!


  8. Emm Andrei

    Seria mejor que las personas colonizaran su terreno en vez de crearlos tambien seria bueno

  9. Near to one month after this post, you said more to come soon :p.

    There are any news about the game?

  10. A very pleasant random discovery as I was browsing to find more about these games… I love the way you’ve coded it up, so much so that I can’t wait until it’s ready.. i’m game to start working on some add-ons when that system is ready.

    can’t wait for the next update..

  11. Hi, I’m waiting for long time. I can’t wait. I think you haven’t got a lot of time for this project. Or its really hard. But if you found a grup, you can easily. I know, I have a bad English.

    When are you release beta?

  12. You know we should make some Lore to the game kinda like Game of Thrones etc. Give everyone a reason to all the fighting.

  13. Would be interesting to integrate a forum post type currency to the game. Alot of communities have been using open source games to help promote forum usage. What if you use Forum Post as a type of currency in the game for lets say Gold to buy premium stuff Such as gold increase bonus etc.

  14. If you want I can help you to translate it in italian, I’m italian 😀

    Oh devana is helping me to do my browser game 😉

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    • It’s a pleasure to find someone who can think so clearly

    • Glad I’ve finally found something I agree with!

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  15. Hey,

    if you want you can add the German language files.
    Here is my work ->

    Thank you for your great os project!

  16. Thanks m47z3 !
    But I think we should wait for the beta version to share the languages files. I already start to work too on the french version, I will release it after the changes of the 2.0 beta.
    On facebook Andreï wrote : During summer for the ETA =)

  17. When does 2.0 come out?
    couz this is the last status update 😀

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