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I found this open source game 0 AD and I am seriously thinking of using the buildings and units from it for Devana 2.
I will be using it's map editor to take screenshots of the buildings and units on top of the same tile, from the same angle. Then crop the images and put them in the game.
Problem solved.

I contacted the developers of 0 AD on their forums and not only did they give a prompt answer, they also agreed to me using content from their game as long as I credit their work. The full conversation I had with them is here.
Today I'll be doing the graphic content generation using the map editor from 0 AD. I'll post some of the images here so that you'll have an idea as to what to expect in the game. :)

And here are some of the images I've gathered.

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  1. the graphics of ( Lord of ultima ) is amazing .. you have to take a look at it ( )

  2. I can give you a hand with the graphics, if you are not in a hurry.

  3. Hehe, I found that game 7-14 days ago… and I instantly remembered devana 😛 and wanna suggest u to use graphic for it… I even take some screenshots for my devana 1.6.6.
    In game 0AD u have editor that can make screenshot in very big resolution. I think 6800*4600 so graphic can be rly high quality…

    If u need some help, I can try help u somehow… With code or graphic…

    And also my suggestion is to use spots in town as places for buildings like there is in Travian that would be kid of cool :)

    • Yup. I said in a previous post that there will be slots for nodes (buildings) so that you choose where to build them.

      • Nice, man! Keep good work… If I can somehow help … u can feel free to contact me 😉 (I’m php developer and have some free time :P)

        Btw mby is good idea to contact 0AD developers if they agree for using graphic out of their program… I know it is open source but think it is good and proper to ask developers for using their peace of work, before they enter the Devana site and see their graphic here. They would probably be happy if we ask first ;]

      • Oh sweet, that was a feature that 1.6 was missing :)
        Good work man! Better and better.

  4. you r doing a great work :)
    but are you making the script alone?

    • He know what he is doing… I understand him he need to make some tweaking on system core in order we can help him… at this time he will probably make script faster than getting help from here… when Devana 2.0 beta will be rdy forum will probably open and we will have chance to contribute to this nice project… For now we can just suggest some nice ideas… and ask if he need some help coz he is the one who run this project he need to maintenance it and at the moment code will be more friendly if he will make it alone. After that we can run in and give our contribution! 😉

      Long live to Devana and Open Source ! :)

  5. hey devland can i ask that if you still gonna use that clean function i posted on forum a while back that i get some cred for it seeing as you are using it still in V2.
    keep up the work just hoping you can give me the cred for it as it is very important function in stoping alot of headaches later 😉

    thank you in advance advo

    • I’m sorry, but I cannot do that.
      In order to appear in the credits you need to contribute with more than just a function made up of other functions you did not create.

      • god been a long time since i seen this if you can devland aexplain how clean came from functions i did not create what functions i bet 1000$ in your paypal you cant

        here is original code i made
        function clean($str) {
        $cleaned = strip_tags($str);
        $cleaned = htmlspecialchars(mysql_real_escape_string($cleaned));

        return $cleaned;}

        enjoy hope your ok and still working on this

  6. very cool:) those buildings

  7. When will there be devana 2.0

  8. Hey bud, can i make a few suggestions? If so, send me an e-mail to the address i listed in the email field. I got a bunch of ideas for the game that would be easy to implement

  9. hi
    how we can translate this game to Arabic or Persian ?
    I want to translate it to Arabic & Persian but it’s not Compatible with utf-8 right to left language formation .
    I edit en.php … is it correct ?
    please help me .

  10. I should to change default encoding of site to utf-8 , but how ?
    please help .

  11. Hi
    When The Version 2 Relased ?
    Can Devolpmend This Game in Another Languge ?

  12. Good, very good, i very wait release. thx for your job.

  13. Devland give us some new info, were hungry for it :)
    Dont need release, just some news :)

  14. I hope version 2.0 will be awful !
    is after version 1.6.6 ,version 1.6.7 or 1.7 or 2.0 ?
    we have no information about future releases …
    thank you .

  15. Why do second Part?
    1.66 is still full of bugs!

    If you have second in doing, I hope you do it normally,
    otherwise it makes no sense.

    I think now more and do a final version ready to fix it

    • Devana 2.0 is made from scratch. Almost no code from v1.6.6 is used (I kept the map view and improved it).
      v1.6.6 would take too long to fix. Also I wanted to change the gameplay mechanics; this time around there will be no more levels for buildings/units. The game will have limitations meant to push players to choose what buildings to build and what units to train. This will make for a more strategic game.

  16. Hes doing version 2.0 because he probably feels that the changes are so big that its another software altoghether, plus its not like rev’s often get to .99 :)

  17. Im desperate for the release date of devana 2 rc / beta

  18. OOoops !
    Great . version 2.0 must be nice , I think …
    If you add a beautifull wallpaper to game & improve graphics I think version 2.0 will be Good .

  19. I’m starting to think that Devana 2.0 will never arrive.

    I appreciate your work BTW.

  20. no , I think it’s not very late for ver 2.0 …
    we can wait yet , Dear Guest !

  21. I’m looking forward to what you come up with!
    Keep up the good work (it is fun after all, even if life keeps interrupting).

  22. haha, keep up your good damn best work, i’m still waiting 😉

  23. Please devland, just feed us even a little news on how its going :)

  24. just a quick question. In V1.6.6 when an attack is sent and that player tries to see the report and he/she clicks the link it will not bring up the report. it just brings you to the sign in page. can any one help me fix this?

    • There must be something wrong with keeping track of the session – or it’s looking for someone else’s login (like the attacker’s) rather than the victim’s. I’m guessing though as I’ve not looked at the code in years.

  25. Hi, firstly may I just say I love your releases and have actually planned on editing the main layout of the game and opening it on a commercial basis. (I’m 16)

    Secondly I have a spare vBulletin License which I’m not using currently and I saw you we’re having trouble with your current forum software (with regards to spam bots). Anyway just thought I’d offer to loan it to you (obviously for free) reply back on here as I don’t normally check my emails.

    Best wishes, Ben.

    • Thanks for the offer, Ben.
      Actually, someone suggested I could use the Mingle plugin for wordpress. That would be nice since I’m not having any trouble with spam bots on wordpress.
      Still, that won’t happen until at least the alpha release of v2 so there’s still time for other solutions. This one sounds promising though.

  26. Best of all, first his good job, secondly I wonder if I could say a date when it will be finished version 2 and finally, if the type of license that prohibits use option for users to payment method for points or other similar methods.

    Thanks to all especially Devland

    • As far as I’m aware the license covers all modifications and the ability to commercialize it. Not sure if there needs to be a note in the footer though, haven’t looked at the license in a while. 😉


    • The license allows you to use the game as you wish as long as you keep the credits displayed (in an about page or somewhere similar).

  27. And know that an estimated date of completion of version 2?

  28. Hi I must find Devana 1.6.1 version please

  29. I’m sorry to say but I think we will never see Devan 2 :(.

  30. sal frate
    am si eu o intrebare,imi poti da id tau?
    am ceva probleme sa inteleg jocul…
    lucrezi la nuoa versiune???

    ms ptr tot

  31. c’mon dev, devana was so far and greatly increased with effort community around the world, and it ended ? :(

    after alpha released, we will improve and improve the code, then we’ll have a nice game once again to be play

  32. Hi Andrew. I did a modified version of your game. You can see it at http://www.endless
    I have not got all the credit on me, I am given credit and the original authors, I hope its not a problem.
    For now I’m working on a version improved graphics. After you’ve logged in, go to Help-> About game and in the bottom of the page you will see the link to the new version.
    I wanted to tell me your opinion about the changes. Read the help section to understand what ideas I have introduced.

  33. if you search a graphic designer I can help you

  34. Please can you give any date on which version is available and working??? thank you!

  35. You should put the game on github so more people can help add features. I know its alot of work and the more people helping the better it will be.

  36. Hi Devland! I think on your blog peoples from many countries, maybe we may help you with localization?

  37. Hey!
    I’m developing old version of Devana (1.6.x) and I’m looking for one programmer which can work in team for fun and fo free like all other team members.

    If anyone is interested please send me mail:

    devland: I hope your version 2.0 will be published soon, and I hope it will be great success 😉 My version of your game won’t be upgraded to new version so it won’t be same game and only different name 😀


  38. Salut Andrei.
    Vad ca in continuare ai probleme cu grafica pentru Devana.
    Daca nu reusesti sa faci rost de grafica cauta-ma , eu nu mai am id-ul tau din pacate.
    apropo , uite un preview la ceva ce pregatesc :

  39. Could have made us a christmad gift with some news Devland :(

  40. look like devana is dead.

  41. Happy New year all

  42. I’ve been with my eyes on devana work progress and how people predict , devana project is dead .
    I’ve been a webdeveloper for more then 5 years , this is my work website , .
    Well why I decided to post a comment , well because I still think the devana script base can still have potential , so If someone is interested please send me an email to that you want to restart a devana project , and we will make a community together with forum and website .
    And I’m also waiting for the Ro community as I am a ro.

  43. Наш подарок на НГ еще не готов и некто не забил на него

  44. Found a big bug in 1.6.6 if anyone can help.

    When you try to read a report, it logs you out back to login.php
    Is there someone who knows how to fix this ?

    • is the code like the original? or did you apply any mod?

    • he only gets logout if no page variable is set with $_GET

      if (isset($_SESSION[“user”][0], $_GET[“page”])){
      else {header(‘Location: login.php’); die();}

    • Check if in your msg_view.php file you have this lines in the begining of the file:

      if (isset($_SESSION[“user”][0], $_GET[“type”], $_GET[“id”]))
      $_GET[“type”]=clean($_GET[“type”]); $_GET[“id”]=clean($_GET[“id”]);
      if ($_GET[“type”])
      if ($_SESSION[“user”][0]!=$msg[1]) {header(‘Location: login.php’); die();}
      else msg($lang[‘accessDenied’]);

      This line:
      if ($_SESSION[“user”][0]!=$msg[1]) {header(‘Location: login.php’);
      where is $msg[2] should be $msg[1]

    We can go sleep now beacuse we will never see next version of Devana. We must find some other blog with similar game where developer will maybe take 2 minutes and give us only a little information if game is dear or not.

    Goodbye from here!

  46. I’d like to remind you that he’s doing this alone and with the previous project there were also great pauses.
    As the site is still here it’s being paid so it’s up.
    Maybe sending the developer a message on SF to see if he’s still around could help.
    For now, just wait, I had this other OS project which had no release for 6+ months, but their next release was epic, so patience can be rewarded.
    We’ll just have to do with 1.6.6 for now.
    I’ll be happy to open up a support forum if people are interested so we can still discuss themes and modifications and support together.
    But unless someone knows an alternative 1.6.6 devana is good enough for me.


  48. thank you dev …
    Now I’ve got your own browser game …

    unfortunately I have a problem in the chat system,.. If you still do devana v.2.0
    continue your good work

  49. see empires online
    i need sugestion and critism for be better,.,

  50. Hi I have a problem of how a working farm built on such a level 4 is the current production: 5 / h
    Production will increase by 100 / h

    and after the construction of this building to the 4th level I still have productions 5 / h

    and the next it is a mistake as preparing offers market is all about but I want it to disappear purchase raw materials namely timber do not know how to do it, I was grateful for the help

    Sory my English

  51. sorry, i think.. i have some problem too,., maybe, you can configuration in mysql (buildings)… :)

    play my games :)


  53. Never lol

  54. cant get devana to work. have apache 2.2, mysql, open browser enter (localhost/index.php) and i get the source code. then (localhost/install.php) and same thing install source code. NO GAME!! what am i doing wrong??

  55. You need also php 😉

  56. town.swf send an email to me to be in the hands of the source

  57. town.swf send an email to me to be in the hands of the source

  58. Devana 2 is up for soon?

  59. Awesome website you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics discussed
    in this article? I’d really like to be a part of group where I can get suggestions from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest.
    If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

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