Devana how a browser game is made


beta 1

Beta one is here and it brings the following list of features for you to read.

Transactions now also operate on controllers instead of only specific model methods.
Blacklisting of IPs and emails is now possible.
Users can now blacklist other users and thus not receive messages from them anymore.
I've implemented refunds (as a percentage of the initial cost and all of the required items) when destroying modules, units or components.
A new module (building) type has been added. It increases resource storage values.
Modules now have an "outputResource" attribute that tells the game what resource they will produce, instead of the old method of having a "module" attribute associated with each resource. This allows resources to be produced from different modules.
Modules now have one of the following attributes: "technologies", "components", "units". This allows technologies, components and units to be produced at different modules.
Alliances have been implemented. Users will be able to attack each other only if they are part of an alliance and at war with the alliance of the user they plan to attack. Peace is the default state. After declaring war, both involved parties must agree to a peace proposal to revert back to the peace state.
The combat system is up and running.
Units now have classes which allow them to deal more/less damage to other classes.
Nodes (towns) can be conquered after winning a battle and defeating all defending units.
Various bug fixes.

Here are some screenshots.

combat code alliance






And here are the files: devana-v2_beta-1.
You can also get them from here.
Also, try the live demo.

The next milestone will bring the much talked about addon system (yup, earlier) and resource trading.
I'm bringing addons earlier because I really don't like how the game sends out messages from the core right now. It would seem much more natural as an addon.

See you soon. :)

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  1. Wonderful !!!!!

    I will start to try all theses new features !! =)
    Wow towns can be conquered !!! so great :p ! (Possible for a player to be without town in an extrem case?)

    Like the links between battle and alliances war too.

    Anyway that’s take a really nice shape now with that first beta version, devana is on the good rails ! :p

    Thanks again and again for your works, and happy to see that with addon system the community will be able to help you too :p

  2. great job! ehh… why i see error: Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at D:\[…]\devana3\index.php:1) in D:\[…]\config.php on line 1 ? i use Vertrigo Serv(for tests) :/

    • I think it’s because of the UTF-8 encoding I was experimenting with. I reverted back to ANSI so it should be ok now.
      THere are a few more bugs that were found by Etienne. I’ll upload all of the fixes once they get done. Most likely tomorrow.

      • okay 😀
        I want to make Polish version, what u think about it? Of course, if already stable version 😛
        sorry for the mistakes, but I’m Polish boy and not really know English grammar

        • The game labels are still not fixed yet. The next update will feature addons and the trade system. More labels will be added for the trade system.
          After that the labels should stay fixed and submissions for translations will be viable.

  3. Hey, here my first “buglist” report, really just after few testings I will continue deeper tomorrow.
    I really don’t want to be annoying and nothing here it’s a kind of “reproach”. I just want to make a point with my actual experience with that first beta. That’s will permit me to believe that I’m usefull ahah :p. Seriously I hope that’s will help you to debug and help me to have a better understanding of the core of Devana.

    I made a link to not spam the comments here.

    So the first bugreport list :

    • I’ve fixed the bug that prevented you from setting workers in modules.
      It was the “getModules” call in “getResources” that reset the input you provided in the form.
      I’ve moved it back in the checkResources call and it’s now ok again.

    • Ok, I fixed the whole “preferences” thing.
      All those bugs were due to the fact that your user didn’t get his preferences populated in the database, and that’s because I forgot to include game.php in the install.php file. I fixed that.
      I also fixed the “moving static units” problem. I completely forgot that walls and towers weren’t suppose to move. 😛
      I’ve updated the file archive both here and on

    • To reply to your feature questions:

      Static units have upkeep too because all walls/towers need to be manned in order to be effective. You rarely see deserted defensive emplacements on the eve of battle.

      More alert messages will be implemented after the addon support has been coded. The messages that are now will be removed completely from the code and they will be generated from an addon that will be especially created for reports.

      Alliances are not linked to cities, they are linked to users. If you look at the alliances table you will only see 3 columns: id, user and name.

      The combat system will be made more “interesting” through the use of addons; there will be end-game scenarios, races for building world wonders, achievements, statistics, quests…
      As it is right now it’s just a beta to see if the basic stuff works.

      Hmm… you made a very good point about conquering more towns than the build limit. I’ll think more about this one whether or not to leave it as it is.

      Troop migration will be made possible, yes. But only between cities that belong to the same faction (only between cities that have the same type of units). I think I’ll integrate this in the trading system with the next update.

      A spy system would be a great theme for an addon. As it is right now, I really don’t have any ideas about how to implement this in a “fun” and usefull way.
      As it is right now, the game allows you to “spy” on someone if you simply attack them; you see their whole army, before & after the attack, in the combat report. So a spy system would have to offer more than that.
      But like I said, with addons, anything will be possible.

      A building that outputs workers… hmmm… I don’t know about this one.
      The idea behind Devana is to disregard the whole “level up” system where you get bigger storage, more workers, more of everything. That’s bad game design and things get very boring very fast that way.
      I want to make things progress naturally. Say, if you want better gold production, you don’t “upgrade” your building; you research new technologies that will allow you to build better gold producing structures. That means that you will have to research the new ones, demolish the old ones, and build the new ones. This system, I believe, is more natural and realistic.

      • Thanks a lot for your answers =) !!

        And your fixes !! I download it again this morning, and the game appear in did really more stable ^^ !
        I will continue to testing, and make you a new report soon.

        Yeah upkeep for statics that’s a good justification, you buy the garrison with the building :p.

        For Alliance, it’s true in database it’s linked to the name. But when you add an alliance or set one, you have a selectbox with your nodes, why? (In did in the code you don’t look to save this data, so it’s just to verify if the player have a town?) Owww : Hypothesis two ^^ : Select a town where take gold maybe? :p Yeah seems logical…

        The future imagined for combat system through the addons is really pleasant to read !!! :p

        Ok for reports gathered in addon. That seems good yeah, and that’s will be more easy and flexible to customize than now.

        Oh yeah didn’t think about that for spy system, that’s true in that configuration that’s will don’t really give a plus. We will see if someone of community find a good way to use addons for that. That’s made for that too !

        Ok for the upgrade of building, I think I understand the philosphy now that seems legitim, and that’s also that who make the personality of Devana.

        I will come back soon with new report :p. Congrats for things already fixed, you corrects bug quicker than I find them !! ^^

        • The dropdown in the alliance creation screen is there to let you choose from which town the “alliance creation cost” will be deducted.
          Things like creating an alliance or attacking a player have costs to prevent users from spamming those features.

  4. There is my second reports with “new” (some of them are older) bug found.

    I made an effort on the presentation, maybe it will be more comfortable to read ^^

    The link :

    • Once again, thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.
      All of the bugs you mentioned have been fixed. The file archive has been updated.

      All buildings (or “modules” as I call them) have the input/output way of working. It’s easier to make a game that has everything streamlined in a way. I chose this.
      Sure, having workers in a barracks may seem odd, but the gameplay dictated that it did; otherwise the code would have been complicated, and I wanted things really simple.

      Dividing units doesn’t have any effect in the combat calculations. The results are the same either way.
      You will get the same outcome if you send 10 groups of 1 soldier or 1 group of 10 soldiers.
      Also, the combat focus is global. It affects all units in that mission, not just one group.

      Messages will be greatly improved upon in the next beta release. As I said I want to separate reports from the core code and add them as an addon. They will also get a face-lift and be much prettier.

      If you add logos and ranks you can’t stop there. Players will then want forums, chat, …
      There will (probably) be all of those and more in the form of addons. The core code, however, will stay simple.

      Answers to questions:
      1. The game time is the server time. I don’t want to complicate things by showing time in different timezones. Again, if you really want that, you’ll be able to make a mod for it. 😛

      2. I didn’t really understand this one, but I explained how the “combat feature” works in a previous post. Please rephrase. :)

      3. There was a bug with the upkeep resource calculations that I fixed yesterday. It should be ok now.

      4. Exactly. Small/big players have to take a conscious risk of losing their towns when they enter an alliance. I like this better than having some arbitrary “you are safe for X amount of time after registering” feature.

      5. I don’t know what auto-deletion is. Please elaborate.

      6. All modules have an input (workers, or other static resource) and an output. The output is either resource production/hour or time reduction for unit/component/tech buildings.
      All of them obey this formula: output=input*ratio.
      So if you have a barracks with a 0.05 ratio and 10 workers assigned to it you will get a 10*0.05=0.5 training duration reduction which means that units will be trained faster by 50%.

      7. All speed bonuses are applied dynamically when you change the number of allocated workers.

      Of the proposed ideas I really like:

      -> I don’t like to use third party code and I really don’t like jQuery. 😛
      You probably know my answer by now: it’s a great addon idea. :)

      -> color coding for requirements; this was actually implemented in earlier alpha versions but it got removed on the way; I’ll see what I can do about bringing it back.
      Color coding for requirements will be a part of the view (template) since the controller already sends you all the info you need to determine if the requirements were met or not.

      -> Static units will be removed from the attack unit selection dropdown. I agree.

      -> The game doesn’t save separate copies of sent messages. So if the recipient deletes the message it’s gone. Again, this would be a great addon. :)

      -> there will be a max button in the combat screen for each unit type.

      -> There will be an advanced statistics and achievement addon coded by myself and distributed with the game by default. There you will see all sorts of information about all players.

      -> There will be a link on the map to point to the attack & message pages with the appropriate information already filled in.

      -> Account options values are not restricted to 1 or 0. They are strings by nature. What if someone decides to make an addon that will add new entries in the flags/preferences tables? Admins/players should be able to edit whatever type of data is stored there.

      -> I actually wanted t add the remove refund ratio value to all modules but I forgot. 😛 I’ve put it on the list.

      -> A dashboard will be implemented as a core feature/addon. It will have all the info about modules, resources, units… and you will be able to change input values without leaving it. I’ll probably make it as an addon.

      -> “Side menu with resume of the garrison troops.”
      i don’t understand that one.

      • Hey, thanks to you, for take the time to give me complete answers like this =)

        Thx for the bug fixes, I start to try yesterday night, that’s look very good for the major parts, but seems to have always a trouble with the display of AccessDenied Towns, it’s not really terrible in itself. But now that you can have some towns conquered by others I think players will be more exposed to see that errors. And a new bug seems to appears, with nodes that do not appear at all to their owners. I will make more test on this with many configurations and try to understand, and I will make you a better reports on this ^^.

        Very nice to ear for Messages and Reports, next beta release will be awesome :p

        I totally understand for the alliances personalisation. Stay with an simple clean core system will permit more freedom for us, and I’m sure we will see quickly a lot of addons by the community to personalize all of this ! =)

        Great to ear too for the advanced statistics and achievement addon include with the game. =)

        I understand too for the admin panel Yes/No restriction. So better like this, that’s will permit more freedom for developers. And maybe we will can make an addon to restrict to dropdown for the front-end users options.

        Sorry for my bad expression in english, I’m not always very clear ^^. I will try to reformulate :

        2 : That was more a question about your opinion for the choose of the target when you plan an attack. I wonder if finally it’s not more a “random choice” for the player or if he can really choose between the 3 options with a tactical mind.

        5 : I talked about idle auto-deletion. We can find the variables in game.php at the beginning. I don’t know if it’s for users or towns. But I suppose that’s delete the player/town after X days of inactivity? I want to know if I set it to 0, it disables the features? (We can also find it in admin panel with a max idle days input. But seems to don’t be automatic here just the manual function.

        “Side menu with resume of the garrison troops.” <— not really important, it was just an idea to display the troops in the node, on the main page. But can be really easily made like an addon or in simply by modification of template.

        Anyway thanks again for all your answers and explanation, that's help me really to better understanding Devana, and I hope that's will help some others, like me =).
        That's make me so happy to see many news like this on that beautiful project ! Once again all my congrats for the work on it, this is when we go into the code, even a little, than we realize the tremendous work that you do!

        • Looking forward to more of your feedback. It always helps.

          More about “2”:
          The “focus” feature is meant to allow players to “focus” on a specific attribute when attacking the other army. Here’s an example:
          If your opponent has a lot of heavy armored units that are hard to kill, you may want to switch your focus to “armor”. That will “focus” a percentage of your attack damage to the heavy armored units; by dealing them a percentage of of your total damage that is equal to the their percentage of the total armor in that army.
          The same goes for the “damage” focus option. If you select that, high damage units will take more damage.
          Otherwise, the default “hp” focus option is the general best choice.
          The unit class damage modifiers that were introduced in this beta 1 release are meant to further extend your tactical options by having a “rock-paper-scissors” system that balances the units.

          More about “5”:
          ‘passwordResetIdle’=>15,//time between allowed password resets
          That is meant for the password reset feature in order to limit the amount of emails the game sends out. Some people may abuse it and make the server send out lots of emails. The “15” default value means that you can only ask for a password reset email every 15 minutes.
          The idle player delete feature requires you to manually enter the maximum amount of allowed idle time [in days]. All accounts that have been inactive for more than that time will be deleted when you press the button.

  5. Hi.
    First of all i wanna say your job is wery good. Please send me private message to my e-mail. I wanna send you a one old game mode who i little bit improved. Maby you can do with this code something more and put publick like your game.

    I hope you write me.

  6. — Dumping data for table `flags`

    INSERT INTO `flags` ( `name` , `value` )
    VALUES (

    ‘activation’, ‘0’
    ), (
    ‘build’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘combat’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘craft’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘login’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘messages’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘register’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘research’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘trade’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘train’, ‘1’

    #1062 – Duplicate entry ‘activation’ for key 1

  7. Hi all, here is the new German language file …

  8. BugList 3 :

    Not really a full buglist, but comes to be hard to find them :p (there are anyway few things noted maybe already fixed for some of them).

  9. you should add it so villages are randomly placed, like in tribalwars

  10. After the creation of a second town, we can’t access to this town (empty div) and that block all others town after for other players. (not seems to happen on demo… (Maybe due to the value of 1 in max creation nodes) I don’t know really what can be the cause, maybe the new conditions scheme in the node file)

  11. — Database: `devana`


  12. any news of dev for beta2?

  13. Hi admin !

    when you release main version ?

    very tanx :X

  14. No estaría mal un mapa creado… ¿ o solo me ocurre ami?.
    Tengo que crearlo desde la base de datos

  15. Good work. Real waiting for next version.

  16. Nice work, I’m grafic designer, if you want help on design? do not hesitate to ask me, it will be with happy!

  17. When is planed next release? :S

  18. hi
    i am so sorry but i can nit install data base in php admin,, i get this error :(

    SQL query:

    — Dumping data for table `flags`

    INSERT INTO `flags` ( `name` , `value` )
    VALUES (
    ‘activation’, ‘0’
    ), (
    ‘build’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘combat’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘craft’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘login’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘messages’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘register’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘research’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘trade’, ‘1’
    ), (
    ‘train’, ‘1’

    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1062 – Duplicate entry ‘activation’ for key ‘PRIMARY’

    first i made database with hadoo_Devana
    after that i wantet to add Devana.sql to my data base but i got the error, please help me

  19. I bet the database is already created then.. check for dbname “devana”

  20. hello i’m simonchan
    I have a question
    Why URLs will automatically become
    What documents do I need to change?

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  22. Hello I will translate the game into Spanish, and I did the for beta 1. : D

  23. Hello the project is down ?

  24. Hi !
    This all is cool but there are one problem…

    I create new town but can not come in it =(

    please write me on email what it can be and what to do…


  25. when i tried to combat with other towns,it occured an error:”Fatal error: Call to a member function getResources() on a non-object in D:\AppServ\www\game\devana\devana\core\core.php on line 1726″.

  26. Hi 😉
    Please look to my version of Devana 😉 This version is translate to polish and add graphic 😉

  27. I am trying out your game. I love PHP and may help fix or make new addons when they are added to the game. In the account page there is a page in dropdown called remove.
    It doesn’t say what it does and when you hit the edit button it really deletes you user account. I would like to see a message that says are you sure you want to delete your account including all your villages?
    Also the word edit for the button would make more sense to say remove account or delete account.

    I am seeing the same error when I view town with any id other than your own:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:\xampp\htdocs\root\devana\game\templates\default\resources.php on line 18

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:\xampp\htdocs\root\devana\game\templates\default\node.php on line 37

    Can the map size be configured?

    When I set more than the number of workers to a resourse building it takes me to a page with only the error: max input exeeded. Or if you use maore resourses than you have it will say not enough resourses. Clicking the error makes it go away and you are no longer looking at your town. I think it would be good to keep you on the same page when you get errors so you don’t have to go to towns -> click your town -> click the building again -> put in a better value. Just leave the player on the same page they were on and show message somewhere so they can quickly get back to what they were doing.

    I go from here:
    to here:
    This could be fixed by having this page save the error to a session variable and then redirect back to the previous page and if the $_SESSION[‘message’] isset then show the message and then unset the message so it disappears if you refresh the page.

    I like the idea of having the requirements you don’t have to show in red so you know you can’t do it now without getting the error.

    When looking at the list of building to build the image for the modules in requirements for the lumber, gold and iron mine is so small I can’t see what mine it is. The image is taking up a tiny amount of the whole 30×30 pixel area. Can it be enlarged so it is using the whole 30×30 px space?
    This is the url of one of the images:

    Also the graphics on the main town screen are small as well. Can they be twice as big so you can see them better?

    Also in the list of requirements if there is only 1 required can we leave the number off so its only the image. It looks funny to have a 1 next to the image of each required building or technology and we know it would be one of them anyway.

    There are 13 building (modules) but only 9 spaces. Is it possible to build all 13 in one town or make a second page of 9 so you can have more than one of a building?

    Is there a way planned to get more workers? Such as building 3 houses that give an extra 50 people per house or something like that?

    Thanks for your work on this game.

  28. On the demo site I made a weapon shop and then crafted 1 short sword. I didn’t have any workers put toward the shop yet.
    I got this error:
    Duplicate entry ‘1’ for key ‘PRIMARY’
    in addition to the popup that says an error occurred.
    It still says the same error if 10 workers are applied to the building.

  29. Devana 2.0, dead again?

    So sad…

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  77. Been trying to install having a few problems with sql i have now managed to to load the file still have this error
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    also can’t seem to make a town or build, i’m a big noob so i’m sure i have got something wrong on the install, please help,

  78. For some time I’m following this project. I will write a little positive critics.

    The first thing that is noticeable is the old design: not using html5, css3 and modern (g. responsive) design.
    Regardless of the underlying OOP and try to create MVC still has a some of spaghetti code (I always like clean code). For example: HTML code should be always clean HTML, not wrapped with php echo or similiar.
    I understand that this is becoming increasingly difficult, because all one man works.

    But one thing I do not understand: why the hell is data from game.php from plain text – array, instead of database?

    After all it is worth to follow the project. Good luck.

  79. wonder if the project is still alive?

  80. To anyone interested, I have started a project on github based on Devana 1.6.6.

    I would be pleased in hearing any ideas for improvement.

    You can check it here:

  81. project is so dead – wondering that the domain still exists

  82. پس کی دیگه قراره این پروژه تموم بشه؟
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  83. so im about to pick up this project.

    i talked to andrei several years ago, the classes and static unit ideas are from me.

    im currently rewriting the whole code from ground up based on the most recent beta2. no new features will be added for now, but the new version will be refactored, feature a template engine as well as a modern (mobile first) framework. i would apprecciate if someone is still interested in a revamped version. this will take a while, i will post a link here.

    thanks for your interest

  84. Sourceforge site is now live!

    Expect release of the sourcecode by the end of this year (2016)

  85. That´s great, Fhizban. I´m looking forward to see your project.

  86. Hi,
    A very early version has been released on Sourceforge. I recommend you follow the project progress on Sourceforge from now on. Im already working on new features!

  87. We made a lot of progress!
    The project has been fully re-written and ported to a framework. Tons of new features have been implemented, code is more or less cleaned up. We are also now on github as well:

    Let’s revive the good old times of Browser-Based-Gaming!

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  89. Hello. I’m studying web programing w/ PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at home. I accidentally found an old Devana using $db_id and mysql. I changed it using mysqli etc, and then I saw this blog that it has a later version and I’m like 0_0. Anyways I believe that the game is good. I’m doing some changes, but I don’t know if it is already implemented since it seems like this project was paused. I’m looking forward to see some updates if it is still on. Github repo is down. Let’s revive this as I found creating from scratch is difficult (for me). Feel free to reach me at

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