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alpha 3

Alpha 3 is here along with the following:
- combat simulator;
- improved node view for all 3 factions;
The combat simulator features the full combat function that will be used in the final combat system.
The system features the option to target specific units in the enemy army based on the 3 main attributes. The damage done is proportionally distributed based on the chosen focus. A unit group will receive an X percentage of the total damage, based on the same X percentage that their <focus> attribute has contributed to the total.
Here's an example. If 5 spearmen contribute 47% of the total hp, and the enemy chose "hp" as the focus, then the 5 spearmen will receive 47% of the total damage.

Here are the files: devana2_alpha3

Here's the Devana video trailer:

And here are a few screenshots:

build node_0 node_1 node_2 simulator

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  1. Wonderful !!

    I try this now =)

  2. great wonderful !!
    I try Alpha 3 -> go go

  3. Your combat system look really cool, I tested it a bit.
    That’s look nice and equilibrate but I have one question (for now ^^) :

    If I enter two egal armys, for example 5 spearman in each camp of the same faction with the same focus.

    It’s always the camp of bottom who win. How it’s possible? It would maybe interesting to intervent here with a small factor of random no?

    • When both armies are equal the defender wins.
      And no, I don’t like randomness. I like it when you can predict the outcome. That way you don’t feel cheated out of a victory.

      • Yeah I understand your position, and it can be totally justify with the state of defenser. An attacking army will retreat more easily. thanks for your answer =)

  4. I have a question? ^^
    Combat system, the actual user interaction possible?
    And, do affect weapons and armor?

    • User interactions via combat are NOT yet possible. There is only a combat simulator right now that takes into account ALL of the 3 attributes a unit has.
      If you want, you can look at the code, in the core/core.php file search for the doCombat function in the node class.

  5. Are you going to improve the Admin Panel with more options and better interface?

    • If you’re asking about the ability to modify specific accounts in order to take/give resources/units/etc. then no, the admin panel won’t be improved.
      Devana is about player equality. Everybody gets the same chance to win.
      Cheating won’t be encouraged.

      There will be an option to delete inactive accounts.

      • Ok for user edit (even if it would sometimes usefull to compensate a user who had some problems). But I thought more to things to see user’s messages, or a “Panic Button” to put the site in maintenance easyli if there are problem.

        • For maintenance & debugging there is the sitter login. You can do wahtever he can do. You can’t do any of the operations that require a password, unless you know that user’s password.
          For global maintenance there are the game variables which allow you to turn off various features like registration, login, structure building, unit training, …

  6. I think give for the campaign. But for now, that don’t work really on indiegogo… Did you make advert somewhere for it?

    What will you do, if there are no much financial participation?

  7. I made a simple system of minimap :

  8. Hey, first, thanks for your amazing work, but I have few questions about the game, if that not bother you :

    – For you combat system I don’t really understand the focus feature. In final combat system the player will be able to choose the focus at each attack? And how for defender?

    How will work spy system?
    There will are possibility to loot resources when you win? Destruct buildings? Capture nodes?

    – There will are some gameplay features with the cases of water and with node near to water (like access for boats etc…)? Or the game does not take this into account.

    – There will are allies feature? If yes how it will work, which will be the possibilities.

    • Focus works on both sides. Both the attacker and defender can choose it.
      There will be no dedicated spy system. If your troops survive the battle then you get a detailed report of the battle. if none survive then you’re just notified that you lost.
      There will be no water dedicated gameplay features. It just complicates things.
      There will be alliances. More info about that in due time.

  9. hi man i instaled your aowsom game but i hade a proplem in seting up the smtp sertver for email can you please help me if you have time please thanks man

    • I also had trouble setting up a smtp server. In most cases it won’t work because most ISPs block the email port.
      Devana 2 uses the PHPMailer class to connect to other smtp servers to send emails. I use the ones from gmail.

  10. I just find a little bug in the grid. When your Node have an apostroph in the name like this : ” ‘ “. That count like a single quote, and nothing appear, in the information table.

    I tried to add and htmlentities() at line 70 in getGrid template but not seems really work. I don’t try but I think it’s the same for player name. (strangely that’s work perfectly in the node view, the name appear and no prob)

    Any ideas?

  11. Wow… It’s wonderful for the minimap really better job than with my poor temporary minimap !! :p

    Thx for fix this little bug so quickly, It was not terrible, but better to see it now =)

    So thanks once again and good job for your work It’s really amazing !

    P.S : the minimap may be very large for a larger grid, like 200×200 no?

    • Yup, the minimap can get very large for bigger grids.
      Currently each sector is mapped to a 5x5px div. You can change it’s dimensions by changing the “sector” CSS class in devana/templates/default/grid.php.

  12. Hello, I have questions about Devana,

    -What we must do when we have a full town (9 buildings construct). How to get new constructs? Only colony possible? The base buildings needs already 3 cases, it’s not too restrictive 9cases?

    – It would be possible to add an “alert” system to prevent the player when there are new messages? Maybe just a counter like this : (2), in the messages link.

    – Did you plan a script to crontask to automate the system? (I think actually, the player must refresh the page, to finish construction etc…)

    – A date for the new version? :p ok ok I will be patient ^^

    Thanks for your work !

    • The 9 slots are intentionally less than you need to make you choose and/or re-specialize.
      Ok, I’ll add the unread messages counter thing. That’s a good idea.
      No, the game doesn’t use cron tasks.

  13. Hello. I have a problem. I can’t use $_SESSION. When i put a user and password in login.php there session works, but when i redirect to index.php, then nothing, like there is not session… If i press “remember me”, then i see the cookies. when i don’t press “remember me”, then there is not cookies. Other thing. in index.php i saw that if there is not session but there are cookies(when i use “remember me”) it redirect to login.php but in login.php the scripts works only if there is if $_GET[‘action’] . I think it is a problem. Or i make mistakes… :X

  14. I don’t understand what the problem is. Login works fine.

  15. The reset password feature now has a 15 minute cooldown.
    Added new message count in top menu.
    Added the option to delete inactive accounts to the admin panel based on their inactive period.

    • Listen now. in index.php you have if (!isset($_SESSION[$shortTitle.’User’][‘id’]))
      if (isset($_COOKIE[$shortTitle.’Name’], $_COOKIE[$shortTitle.’Password’]))
      header(‘Location: login.php’);
      Then if you don’t have session but have cookies you go to login.php. Logi.php starts with this:
      if (isset($_GET[‘action’]))
      So you must have $_GET[‘action’] to can check after that for cookies. Without this $_Get[] you go to the login form….in the previous devana loin.php started without this. first it checked for $_Post, after that for cookies.
      In other meaning you must delete this if: if (isset($_GET[‘action’])) or first check for cookies(it would be much better. It’s my opinion of course)

      • Yup. You’re right. I broke the cookie login when I added the sitter login option.
        I fixed it by changing the index.php redirect to:

        header(‘Location: login.php?action=login’);

        Thanks for letting me know about this.

  16. Very nice !! I’m impatient to test this =)

  17. Can U pls explain the values of the admin panel and level of users in the db?

  18. Hy devland, i wanna know if you will create a premium account system, just like in the other browsergames. Premium points, with real devana 1.6.6 there was somethink like that.

    Good job with the new versions.

  19. I have a question, how to configure the file email.php?

  20. Hi.
    Do you not planning making project like

  21. Hello I would want to have a piece of information as an exchange you one the name of the game

  22. Hello, me would want to know how to change the name of the game. Sorry I am francais.

  23. that hostings, allow SMTP server?

  24. how to remove the validation email, because its not working

  25. Where ist the Template for the Ads at the left side ?

    • There are the “$ads” and “$tracker” global variables defined in core/config.php.
      $ads is displayed via templates/default/header.php
      $tracker is added via the view components (template files in templates/default).

  26. You can open a repository on github please, so we can help you to fix and report the bug?

    • Yeah, it would be nice !

    • I can manage and create it if you want..

    • For now the code won’t be uploaded anywhere as I’m always fiddling with it.
      It would just waste your time to work with something which would only get modified a few days later.
      If you find any bugs the best thing you can do is report them right here and they will get fixed immediately.
      The full code will be uploaded to sourceforge and github once it will be nearing completion. I expect that to happen in a few weeks.

      • Ok very nice, you will release new versions before or now you prefer wait for a stable beta release?

        • Right now I’m working on the combat system and alliances. The two will work work with each other so it’s taking a bit longer.
          Also, I’m adding new features to the admin panel to help manage users.
          The next update should be up in about a week and will consist of the finished combat system. That will mark the start of the beta.
          After that the trade system will need coding. Once that is finished and tested version 2.0 will be release on sourceforge and github.
          After that version 2.1 will start and consist of support for and a few addons.

          • Ohhh nice !!! I’m so impatient to see thats =) !!

            Thanks a lot for giving to us your plan, it will be easier to waiting :p. And we can understand your approach like this.

            And, once again, thx for your work on Devana (I think, I repeat that all time, but must be underline ^^)

  27. I would love to develop devana, the trade system for example. But that makes not sense if i just develop it for me.

    Github works so good with teams. We could fork devana, and each one could develop a feature, and when you think it’s good enough, you can merge it.

    • The thing is I’m very picky about how I write my code. So I’ll probably end up rewriting everyone’s contribution. 😛
      That’s why I’m doing all the core stuff by myself.

      But don’t worry, once the addon support will be implemented everyone will be able to contribute addons. There will be a special sourceforge and github section for addons.

      Have patience, everyone, we’re almost there. :)

      • That’s why I said: “when you think it’s good enough, you can merge it.”

        Your code will remain yours, and this is not everything for you, we can fork your code, and start developing our owns, coding the others forks and you can always find successful code to merge ( rewrite ).

        Other idea could be, one of us create it. But it will not be the same, not “official”.

  28. Hey devland, we had a conversation long long time ago, then I went to no land 😛 Anyway I’m back and I’m impressed what you have done from game, also I have one proposal. When official 2.0 Devana goes out make a upgrade system so when you publish 2,1 version we (other developers) can just download upgrade package and upgrade our game instead of destroying all our modifications.

    Thank you and see you soon,
    Captain Mate

    • An update system is actually a very good idea for a mod.
      I’ll see about how that might be done.

      • Well it could be 2 such systems, one for upgrading game from old to new version just via upgrade package (so code files with developer personal desing, settings and database wouldn’t be overwritten) and one to install modules/components for the game (for exemple Premium accounts like I noticed proposal in past comments and this modules/components could be developed by 3rd party developers, then this game would really become big project with huge potencial. (If you would create kind of portal for extensions where developers could upload their modules/components, write little description and people who are trying to have own Devana version of game could download all the extensions from one place.)

        That’s the idea and I hope I’m going to see this once in future versions.
        Captain Mate

        • Yup, I agree.
          An addon for auto-updating the core game and any installed addons.
          Addon management will be integrated in the game by default to make it easy to install, enable/disable addons.
          These however will be left for last on the road-map.

          The priorities now are:
          1. to finish v2.0 and have it bug free;
          2. to code addon support and a few demo addons in v2.1;

          The rest will come after that.

          • I already worked on a portal for modules. Where modules can be published by users. Also you have a page to enable/disable them, see latest version and info. If devland wants i can send him my “module manager” to have a look (i know you don’t want other code… but you could use it for inspiration :p). I’m still working on the updating files option and modules installer.

          • Yes, I’ve got idea for portal too so I started with some test developing < it will be based on Joomla CMS and it will be kind All-in-one page so with modules downloader, blog, forum, my version of Devana etc. But first of course Devana needs to be finished and includes modules options.

  29. Hello! tell me how to fill the database for the card?

  30. I become the error invalid map sector and i cant sea any pictures. why?

  31. all! he figured …

  32. Hallo,
    Ich hab eine frage wie kann ich kämpfen
    Und Handeln.

  33. Hello,
    I have a question how can I fight
    And action.

    • Please read before ask. The game is currently in development, you can actually use the combat simulator to have a preview of the combat system. It should be implemented in the next version. What do you mean with “action”?

  34. any news for the next version? That’s make more than a week now normally, some trouble in dev?

  35. devana 4 ???

  36. Hello,
    Please help me
    I have a problem How do I get Workers and storage space and food
    Please tell me.

  37. Hallo,
    Ihr konnt mir Sagen wo ist der Fehler
    Ich finde Den Fehler Aber ICH NICHT Hoffe Ihr konnt mir Helfen.

    Das Sindh sterben fehlermeldung.

    Notice: Undefined variable: Spiel in C: \ xampp \ htdocs \ Devana \ register.php on line 24

    Notice: Undefined variable: Spiel in C: \ xampp \ htdocs \ Devana \ register.php on line 33


  38. When we can expect the new realease of Devana?

  39. Könnt ihr mir sagen welchen php kartei mit einstellen kann bauzeit von den Häusern und von den Rohstoffen .

  40. When the new update comes out.?

  41. Hallo,
    Könnt ihr mir sagen wie ich devana – home das eteht ganz oben immer wie kann ich das ändern einfach wie ich was anderes schreiben kann geht das

    • warum willst du ein spiel leiten, wenn du keinerlei ahnung von php hast..
      naja, schau mal in den language files nach.. ist nur ne übersetzung

  42. Hello,
    Can you tell me how I Devana – home eteht the top always as simple as I can change what I can write another is the

  43. Please, can we just have some news? Beta should be released now, have you some problemes on dev? Or just problem of time?

  44. I think Devana 2 is great.
    And I’m a Chinese.I have translated XNova Revolution into Chinese.
    I want to translate this game into Chinese.
    I also want to be your friend.
    Could I?

  45. Any news? I hope we will don’t go for another year of pause on dev :s. Results was really greats on the lasts updates !

  46. what username and password for admin?
    i can’t find that

  47. I have a problem “Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_array() on a non-object in V:\xampp\htdocs\devana\core\core.php on line 19″ when install devana. How i can solve this problem?

  48. hi

    I have a question ?

    How can I increase speed of game ?

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