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alpha 2

A little bit late, but with much more content, alpha 2 is here.
So, what's new?

You can now research technologies, craft components and train units.
In game messaging system has been implemented.
The game can now send account activation and password reset emails via the use of PHPMailer.
The "sitter" option has returned. This allows you to login to a friend's account, that has set you as a sitter, and manage his stuff while he's away.
Various bug fixes and code tweaks.
Game resource costs reduced while production and storage values have been increased to allow for a more fast paced experience.

Here is the archive with the sources: devana2_alpha2

And here are a few screenshots.

craft train research messaging



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  1. I’m too happy to see news of Devana since august 2011 !! :) I hope that’s will continue !

  2. Good job. ^^ good php webgame

  3. Oh by the way I offer my contribution for the translation in french, when the phrases content will be more stable! =)

  4. Did you think to PP3diso to the dynamic display of the map?

    • It could probably be done, but the map is already functional.
      What remains to be done is to add links that will appear when you click on a player’s town so that you can attack him, send him resources, etc..

  5. missing files… is that bc its still in alpha? (login.php etc..)

  6. Hi.
    First i wanna say this is good job. I test old version. Now i wanna test this. But something is wrong. When i register i can’t log in. It’s saying account inactive. What i nead to do?

    Maybe there is some admin account?

    • The game is made so that it sends out activation links via email.
      If you are testing this on localhost and you do not have the email stuff setup then you need to manually activate accounts by setting their levels to 1.
      You should also be able to access the game via the admin account you created upon installation.
      For more details read the readMe.txt file.

  7. weapons, armor, unit After production In the village.
    How do I take advantage ?
    Villages and war possible?

  8. Man, can you tell me how you made the resources. I can’t find them in the script…. I’m watching module.php and class Node but i am not sure where to watch…. Please explain how you take the res from the database and update them per hour… Thank you so much.

    • The resources produced are stored in the resources table in the database.
      They are updated via the checkResources function. It is called via node->checkAll(); who performs other checks as well.

  9. Hello, how are you generating map? In old version there were file named map.txt I think, and it looks like this:
    1 1 2 1 1 3 1 1 2 3…
    how is it generating now?

    • The map is generated by the devana/install/install.php script based on a source image (grid.png).
      The script reads the image; each pixel will be a map sector.
      Blue is for water, green is for land.

      • Hello. And when you planning pvp system?

      • Yeah I see this system, it’s really interesting, with the Id for type of land too =). Do you think later it will be possibile to plan larger map in png file. Maybe the engine have limited size of map to work fine?

        • There’s no limit. The map you get by default is just for demo purposes. You can make it as big as you want.

          • Yeah it’s cool =).

            I made an example version for a map 200×200 inspired by Westeros lands. If someone want to test it :

            But that’s look they are some troubles in query when I try for 500px size. I will try again, it’s maybe an error in the image file (not easy to have the just color, maybe with indexed mode).

          • The trick is not to use jpg images. jpg loses a lot of the color information, and the game needs pure blue and pure green.
            I recommend using png saved with low compression.

          • Yeah, I use PNG exported with Illustrator. (but the hosting change the file format and recode the image, I didn’t see that).

        • What kind of program you using to edit grid file?

  10. And have about pvp?

  11. Hi
    Thank you for taking the script is open source
    If the script Zyban may also translate Farsi to Farsi
    Languages ​​also enjoy this game, I’ll translate for you
    There is a problem with having only command I Tax Php s
    I got the text you want to translate and you can code it right
    If you would like to contribute contact me by email.

  12. I Hope the combat system to be introduced soon.
    I’d like to open fast, and users can play with these.

  13. Excellent work, congratulations & hope it will grow more.
    One suggestion tho, it would be cool if ajax is used to access building & upgrades so there won’t be a need to refresh page after each action.

    Again, awesome job, thanks.

  14. congratulations and thank you for your work, you’re close to the realization of Devana 2 beta?
    You can not create the village center in full screen?
    Thanks again, good job

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