Devana how a browser game is made


status update

The game is still in the works.
A few things had to be addressed; that's what's been causing the delay of beta 1.

Some code refactoring has been done to further improve the integrity of each database transaction.
A new system has been put in place to ban ips and emails.
Message bans will also be implemented to disable communication with certain users.
When destroying modules, units or components you get their requirements refunded as well as a percentage of the resource cost. This will allow for advanced recycling options within the game.
Some bugs regarding upkeep and storage have been fixed.

Also, the combat system will be tied to the alliance system so that two players cannot attack each other unless they are part of an alliance with which you are at war.
Pacts will be made between alliances so that players in your alliance cannot attack the players in an alliance with whom you are at peace.
A war pact will mean that you can attack any player from that alliance but you cannot trade with them.

More to come soon.

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