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alpha 3

Alpha 3 is here along with the following:
- combat simulator;
- improved node view for all 3 factions;
The combat simulator features the full combat function that will be used in the final combat system.
The system features the option to target specific units in the enemy army based on the 3 main attributes. The damage done is proportionally distributed based on the chosen focus. A unit group will receive an X percentage of the total damage, based on the same X percentage that their <focus> attribute has contributed to the total.
Here's an example. If 5 spearmen contribute 47% of the total hp, and the enemy chose "hp" as the focus, then the 5 spearmen will receive 47% of the total damage.

Here are the files: devana2_alpha3

Here's the Devana video trailer:

And here are a few screenshots:

build node_0 node_1 node_2 simulator

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