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image feature enhancement

I've done this web application as a research project for school.
The code uses the new HTML 5 canvas to manipulate image pixels via JavaScript.
Click on "load" then on "filter" to find the high contrast areas in the image and to enhance their visibility.
The "threshold" number is the contrast limit for which the areas are enhanced.
The "enhance ratio" shows by how much the brightness of those areas is increased. Setting this to 1 will disable the enhancement.
The "apply mean" option allows you to replace the active pixel with a mean value of it's high contrast neighbors before the actual enhancement is done.

A new Devana update should be available within 2 weeks.

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alpha 1

Four score and a very long time ago Devana 2 was only an idea. Now it's becoming reality.

Devana 2 is an open source browser based strategy game developed from the ground up (without any third party code) using OOP (Object Oriented Programming) code in the MVC (Model View Controller) paradigm.
Development has been an on-going process for a long time, with work happening now and then.
Recently, however, things have been getting done on the project.

So, Devana 2 alpha 1. It's here!
Things done so far include:
- basic foundation code (user registration & login; admin panel);
- new game variables to easily turn on/off the main game features (research, build, craft, train, trade);
- new map view icons;
- a working economy (creating buildings and generating resources);
- "devanapedia", a place to view all game assets and their attributes;

Things planned for the next alpha release include:
- complete the coding for queue based features (technology research, component crafting, unit training);
- PM (Private Messaging) system;

There should also be an update regarding the upcoming indiegogo funding campaign.
Development will continue regardless of the outcome of the funding campaign.

Here's the Devana 2 alpha 1 code: devana2_alpha-1
Read the "readMe.txt" file for installation instructions.
Read the "license.txt" and "imageCredits.txt" files for copyright information.
Visit the new facebook page.
Test the game here.
user: test
password: test

And have a happy new year! :)

Also, here are a few screenshots:

devanapedia townView moduleView map emptySlot

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