Devana how a browser game is made



I've changed the MySQL storage engine from MyISAM to InnoDB so I can use transactions to provide atomicity to the game's actions. In conjunction with the serializable isolation level they allow me to control concurrent actions performed on the database.

Nodes (towns) can now be created and moved periodically (there is a cool-down timer). The movement feature can be turned on/off according to the game's gameplay conventions. For the default medieval setting of the game this feature will be turned off.
A simple admin panel has been added to allow admin editing of the game's flag variables. They allow core features like login and register to be turned on/off.

And here are the files so far:
Note that the files now come with a license so read that before reading the code.

More work is to be done soon (the following weeks) as I have now got my college degree; I am now officially a computer software engineer. :)

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